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Ametrine necklace


Beautiful dainty Ametrine necklace for all Ametrine lovers! Buy this for yourself or give as a gift! Great for any occasion! Birthday, bridesmaid, anniversary, or just because!


The chain is a sterling silver cable chain. All of the findings are sterling silver. The range of necklace length sizes are 14" to 30". If you would like it shorter or longer, please message me to inquire. The Ametrine is a dainty 6mm round gemstone bead. There are 5 Ametrine beads on the necklace. 


Ametrine combines the properties of Amethyst and Citrine. It opens the third eye chakra, promotes psychic development, calms the mind and clears stress and tension. It promotes healing, releasing emotional blockages and negative emotional programming. It protects against psychic attack.

It is considered that Citrine has masculine energies and Amethyst has female energies which makes this gemstone balance masculine and female energies. Therefore, Ametrine has both Yin and Yang energies!


Each Ametrine has a color composition of yellow to purple.


****Color of gemstones on the bar will vary with each necklace. If concerned, please message before ordering and I can take a picture of the necklace bar for your approval before finishing the necklace.****

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